Jacky Loh
i wanna get it soon.
have anybody using it right now?

how is the performace?

i personally have tried twist the steering at a computer shop, but it seems too tight.
My favorite games on the computer are driving/racing. I'm waiting for the new Colin McRae 4 to come out. Now to get back on the subject.... I have the Logitech Formula Force GP. Its a great wheel. Over its 3 year use it has held its ground. Great responce and sturdyness. The feedback is so so. Nothing out of this world. I have used the Logitech MOMO Force wheel and LOVE it. Its the best wheel out there. It also hase top of the line force feedback. Its not the current MOMO that they have. They stopped manufacturing it over a year ago. Due to not selling well $$$. BUT you get every penny you pay for. Hand wrapped leather wheel. Metal wheel and pedals. Great durability. I would definitally chose it over the Logitech MOMO Racing wheel. Good Luck
Well i know when GT4 comes out logitech is also releasing a new steering wheel that does the full 900' now when that comes out i don't know they keep on pushing it back last i heard was september but i've also seen june. Now i would assume that they would also release it for comps as well but how soon after is another Q.
Jacky Loh
RudyR1999, the price for the MOMO is higher than the Logitech Formula Force GP. So my first impression is that the new MOMO suppose to be better then the Formula Force GP...

am i correct with my assumption?
Yes the MOMO is going to be more expensive. I own the Formula Force GP. A buddy of mine has the MOMO. If I could go back I would of gotten the MOMO.
Jacky Loh
RudyR1999, don't you feel that Logitech MOMO Force wheel is tight when making taking corners? Turning right and left is so tight compare to other type of wheel.
i been testing some wheels before and find out that MoMo is tighter compare with others.