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Houston hi and i have a problem.I had cooling problem so i had to move my pc into the
new case i also moved memory to the next slot and installed two case 12 v additional fans.I did it all with wriststrap.I booted but i had a power loss. Next time i started
motherboard singed a song cmos erased and bios reseted all settings.I retained the cmos settings to original and set up bios again.I started win98 normal.I started few games but HD is working hard, and when it works, that slows down the performance, i think that is swapping.In old case it did
not happen, everything worked fine. I even erased antivirus, before with it everything
worked fine.I even formated disk installed win98 again installed all the drivers, but the same as before.i did have some problems with battery that would
reset bios when everything was new but it seems to be disappeared.I tested everything,system is stable all programs report all is ok, even the memory speed is the same as before, and little faster i think!.I even installed cacheman but nothing.I cant sleep.My co
nfiguration is athlon 650,msi k7pro,gef.256SDR,hyundai 128 pc100 sdram,live value,ibm 20.5 gb disk.Before i had 230w case its now 235wcase.Cooling problems are solved but now there is another one.The fans are cheap and i had to move the wires by my self,you know 3 pin slot and fan with only 2 wires i bought 3 pin connector and moved the wires so that it fits could bios screw things up because of this?.Whats the problem?Please be i need help!!!!!!!!
could memory be faulty?i paid a fortune for this pc!!!!I do blame my self for
this!Is 43 C temp normal for athlon?

thanks from moonwalker!
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