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i hink my HD is ATA 133 capable...
and i got a relatively new MoBo so im sure it must support ATA 133....

ive never set up a hard drive to use it though... is it simple?
what do i need?

any advice will help and be appreciated

i did a search for a how to but didnt find one... so a link will be nice if you have one?

It should be setup automatically

Go to your Device Manager (Control Panel -> System Properties -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button)...from there click the + Next to IDE/ATA/ATAPI controllers. If it has a "Primary Channel" listed underneath, right click it and choose properties. If not, it's probably because you have nVidia's nForce software on, so it will be something like "nVidia NForce 2(tm) SPP/IGG ATA Controller" ... right click it and choose properties also.

From there go to the "Primary Channel" tab, and you should be shown a group box for both a Master and Slave device...whichever your HDD is on should be listed as UDMA Mode 6 (ATA133)
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ok i see "Current Transfer MMode: Ultra DMA Mode"
So Ultra DMA is ATA?

also one other thing I dont understand about this mobo is
I have three IDE slots instead of two...

and on bootup it says "No Drive Attached to FasTrack"
not sure what fast track is but im guessing its that third slot.... would it be better than ATA 133 or no?