Today at work one guy that I know came to the lunch table and started b--ching that his 12 year daugher find a link to a nude photo site. She was doing a research on a lady for black history month at school and print the paper. I have the seen the paper and it as on it a photo of the some lady and history on her. Plus it had some banner ads like ebay and yahoo. Then it as on the bottom of the page text only if like to see nude photo click here.

So him and his wife are p--s off at the school over this.
Plus I do know from him that he as 2 pc one for him and his wife and 1 for his daugher and both pc connect to the internet.

I would like to ask him if he doing anything at home from letting his daugher see stuff like this.Like useing spyware or Netnanny.

He not even sure if the school as a block on link or not.

what do you think.
I think that's just pretty insane to get all mad and stuff. I bet the teachers and stuff didn't actually know that stuff was there and whatnot.
and the thing is to that my co-worker think he right and should get mad. Here the best part my co-worker dose not use the internet, dose not have pc or even own a dvd player. So how can he judge anything about this.
Sounds like the school didn't do anything to prevent old High School's software (the entire school district actually) blocked those kinds of things...and I know - because I put it to the test
But the real kicker is dose he do anything at home to prevent it. If not i would say he only cares half the time. What his daugher see.
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Tell him to get a router, every router has a firewall so that his daughters computer can hook up to the router and can be protected. After that tell him to get ad-aware. Its the best spyware remove out there and removes most virus's too. If this continues to happen just ignore it, Its only a nude girl man take it easy. Rofl.
I use S4F (server-side sub-system filtering) because my parents installed it on my system while I was at class, and believe me internet filtering for the most part is a bunch of crap. I can't Google search for the restaurant "naked fish" (a seafood chain here in MA) but when I search for "aked fish", it gives me links to more perverted stuff than anyone could want - and I don't like that type of stuff anyways. Basically most of the internet filtering programs out right now just look in the URL for blacklisted words, check the URL against a blacklist of dirty domains (including Google image search, BTW, but not the Canadian Google image search which is a good thing), and then gives you either the page or a block error. I've seen pages that sailed right through, but were full of the most pathetic perverted crap you ever saw, and other pages that were perfectly fine but got blocked (I used a comp at the college to check if the page was OK, it was fine - didn't even use foul language.) It never searches the actual contents of the page before displaying it either, and of course doesn't check images (no I didn't test that , it runs fast on a PI 233MHz so it can't be using realtime image recognition.)

All in all, filtering just makes you feel safe, it does very little to stop anything. And usually it's easy to get around. It's better to be suspicous and check the history (or use a spyware type thing that allows history caching or forwarding to an e-mail account) once in a while than to feel complacent and not check because "the filtering software will stop it", because it won't probably 1 out of 10 times.