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Originally posted by Nerts 

it's a good thing

It will only be on the AMD platform and only with VIA chipsets (though SIS will breifly offer one new chipset supporting AGP for AMD platform in May 2004). I see no real benifit from dual support since industry as a whole is moving to PCI Express other than for people that just spent 250 dollars plus on a new AGP card and want to upgrade.

Originally posted by SilentSpectre
Shockingly I'm with PCS2000 on this one. I think if anything all it will do is offer a cheaper upgrade path, but once again I'd caution against something like this until it's proven as crossover products like the old DFI mobos that did both AT and ATX power, for instance tend to have some problems.

As for the intel side...honestly intel makes awesome chipsets and rocksolid boards. Say what you will about them being close to the cpu manufacturing and using 'insider' info etc, but the bottom line is that on the intel side no body does it 'faster' or more stable. For my gaming dollar if I went intel, it'd be on an intel platform.

Yes the make the benchmark to meet but SIS is making some serious efforts and if not as fast (they are within a few percent) they appear to be equally as stable from the few I have played with. They have had a license to support the use of Intel technology for a long time. They did not operate without a license like VIA did for a long time.