ok i've wanted to build my own system for years and i think i'm finally going to do it i've got my system pretty much worked out and in my budget but i'd really like some other's opinions before i lay down the cash...well here is what i have planned

Athlon 64 3200+ $267 OEM
Creative Audigy 2 ZS $80
Apollo GFx 5200 256ddr $90
Maxtor DM9+ 80gb 8mb ata133 $70
Kingston 512 PC 2700 $92
Thermaltake Venus 12 $30

i'm not listing the other drives cause they will most likely be whatever i find for cheap (prolly some samsungs). Now i'm pretty much married to the cpu so you can't persaude me much there the sound card was what seemed the most bang for my buck but i could be dead wrong so i have a lot of give in that area. With the video card i'm just plain partial to GFx over radeon however i'm still debating on the actuall model. My thoughts behind the ram were if i'm being too cheap to get two 512's i might as well get one high quality one. Ohh and on the MoBo i'm debating between the MSI and the asus but the asus is a 30ish dollar jump.

I'm having a difficult time choosing a case but having no experience i'm not sure how many fans i should have so any help in this area is greatly apreciated also debating the power supply prolly a 400 though since i don't plan too much moding

i don't plan on over clocking and and hardware suggestions i would prefer if they were in aprox the same (hopefully lower
) price as to whats posted.

tks for at least taking the time to open this thread
any input is greatly apreciated
Looks OK, but why the 5200? I would spend another $26 and get the FX5600 ultra. BFI has the 5600 ultra for $120. You will see a difference between the 2 cards.

Originally posted by Ramman
Looks OK, but why the 5200? I would spend another $26 and get the FX5600 ultra. BFI has the 5600 ultra for $120. You will see a difference between the 2 cards.

I agree with Ramman, the 5200 is a very bad choice. It will really put a crimp on your overall performance, especailly in modern games. For a few bucks more you would gain so much more.
hrm i'll look in to it
Oh that's BFG, not BFI. Sorry
bah newegg (who had for 120) sai it was on order and was supposed to arive yesterday has now updated to out of stock.... gameve has for 119 but with the fiasco that they are/have been having with the 5900 i'm wary of buying from there : / looks like i'll have to wait for the notify from newegg

tks for the input
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get this ram instead: 
its BH-5 and will do 2-2-2-5 easily at PC3500. I just got two last night, plan on cracnking them to 230+ even if I have to mod my PSU. Your A64 system will love that ram.
dont get the KHXA3200 cause its CH-5
heh i was waiting for someone to scold me on my choice of ram but i wanted to start off with 512 ..but i guess its better to buy 1 now 1 later then 1 now and 2 later heh

and it looks like i'll probably start building it earlier then i thought since my laptop is in the shop indefinately and i'm now forced to use my old p2 400mhz HP stock computer....eww windows 98 Explorer has chashed.... Explorer has crashed.... Blue screen.... grr
well here's on what i've decided on

cpu: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
MoBo: Asus k8v K8t800 deluxe
Video: BFG GFx 5600 ultra
RAM: 512 kingston 3200 hyperx 2-2-2-6
HD: Maxtor Diamond 9 80gb 8mb buff
CDRW: Antec diablo
DVD: Antec diablo
CPU fan: Thermaltake venus 12
Monitor: ViewSonic G71+SB
Case: Thermaltake damier v black
PSU: Superflower 450w with 12cm fan
FDD: samsung black
OS: Windows xp pro

Total:roughly 1450 usd ouch

one last question though this setup doesn't support dual channel so i would get no benefit from having two 256 sticks as opposed to my one 512 stick correct?

thanks for all the help should have all the parts here in 11 days
Right...I'd go with one 512mb stick

thats one more reason for me to laugh at my dumbass friend