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I was wondering what the best power supply on the market is? First, what's the overall best, second, what's the inexpensive best?

I'm pretty sure the best is the PC Power and Cooling 510 deluxe, or whatever it's called.

I have absolutely no idea about the inexpensive ones though.
The one I have is one of the highest rated for the PC. The Antec True550 is an excellent psu but costly for someone that does not need all that power.
antecs are definatly the most efficent by about 4%-5% dosnt sound like much but over like 4 years itll pay for its self figuring you leave your computer on 24/7/365

(that statement was retarted im sorry)

but ive also heard really good things about forton (supposed to put out the best power/most. basically thier 12v rails are amazing)
Well, I have an Antec TruePower 480 and I think its a great PSU, very happy with it. These look pretty nice, and are very quiet. 

The Silenx website has alot of reviews linked on it, so you can check em out.

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Antec and Enermax are the best 2 manufacturers IMO. I run a system with 2 SATA HD's, 2 case light, a fan controller, 2 CD drives and several USB devices and run it O/Ced no problem. I have only a 380W Antec truepower.

Zalman are also good and the FSP Aurora is a great 350W quiet PSU with blue lights.
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PCP&C is THE best PSU maker. After that its debateable.
Antec, Fortron, TTGI, Enermax, Thermaltake, etc.
I agree that PCpowerandcooling PSUs are the best!

I'm considering getting a pelt for my waterblock. I also didn't want to run a seperate PSU for it. The Deluxe 510 runs a max of 38Amps through their 12V line. Which is plenty for a pelt.

As for the cheapest/best..... There is no such thing in the computer world. You can usually run into a great deal on the internet on a decient PSU. PCpowerandcooling, Enermax, Vantec, Antec are all great PSU manufactures. Just make shure you get one that is no less then a true 350watts.

I have two Enermax PSUs right now. One 420, and 650Watts. My 650Watts runs a OCed system, 7 hard drives (On 24/7), DVDROM, and 7 case fans. Its been going strong for over 2 years.

Good Luck.
i've got an enermax 430 watt psu. running one internal dvdrw,one internal cdrw,one 120 gig sata, one 120 gig ata,gforce fx5600 with 4pin, xp2700 slightly oc'ed, one 80mm case fan, a corsair hydrocool 200, which needs power from the psu, 2-12 in. cold cathodes, a set of usb powered 4in. antec lights, a 120 mm fan ran out to my digital receiver, and a small plasma ball which i purchased from . i think i still have a couple daisy chains left to play with, but think i'm already pushing it!!lol. regardless, this thing runs flawlessly. i won't say "better than this, better than that", but for me, i'm sticking with enermax, (untill they let me down!!).
I'm liking the new Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480w PSU I just got

SATA connector...Active actually peaks at 550w...comes with both a 5.25" bay and rear PCI slot fan controller...and it really is quiet! (17dba)