i recently bought and installed a new ME-729 series 3.5" EXTERNAL usb2.0 H/DRIVE STORAGE CASE, and am running a new seagate 7200/2mb cache hard drive inside this device.

i got this DEVICE instead of a dvd burner cos i thought it might be a better way of backing up and storing stuff that i have on my pc h/drive.

the main reason i went for this thing is because i have about 50gb of videos (dont ask) and 20gb of other files etc on my current pc h/drive, and i wanted to get them onto a storage device thats not attached to my pc (like on dvd) but because i would need about 15 or more dvd discs to store all my stuff on, this seemed to be a better solution.

HERES MY PROBLEM ???? (the device works ok, stores everything ok, and i can backup and open normal files, BUT)

1. when i play the videos directly from that storage device, i get a very distorted playback (crinkly and blocky image) OR the media player tells me the file is corrupted and it wont play OR when i open some of the video folders, as soon as i click on the video file to play it, my pc closes to the desktop and i lose all the desktop icons momentarily till they load back up again.

2. when i look at some of my photos, they too are distorted (not all but some)

i was going to get a h/drive with an 8mb cache (like i run in my pc) but was told that the added bennefit of the 8mb cache will be lost by using it in this storage device, so i saved a few $$$ and got the 2mb cache h/drive.

can anyone please tell me WHY i cant play the vids properly from this device, or is the fact that it only runs on USB2.0 the reason it wont play them properly, its not fast enough etc stc

will appreciate any help u can give me.....GLEN
BTW, i neglected to say before that all my vids play great from my pc hard drive, and all my photos are perfect as well.

not all photos on that storage device are distorted, only a few are, but most of the videos are "blocky or crinkly" on playback.

im thinking ill sell this thing and just get a dvd burner, i have a cd burner, but i have 50gb of vids on my pc that i need to get onto another device, and i want to be able to play the vids from the storage device, not have to keep them on my pc to play them.

at least all my vids and pics will play from a cd/dvd without any problems.......GLEN