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initial pictures and info leaked This is marketed by Apex...not VIA

If it's anything like other stuff VIA makes it'll be pathetic..though check out the supposed specs:

  • 1.4ghz CPU with VIA's nextgen chipset: the CN400
  • embeded WindowsXP with Windows Media Player (uck)
  • VIA 5.1 "Vinyl" audio
  • 6 USB2 ports
  • RCA, DVI, Svideo, and Composite out
  • 10/100 Ethernet and modem (why?)
  • 40gb HDD

If they do a good job it might make a good home theater/gaming system...though I think the games for this will be worse than Xbox

What's everyone else think?
A 1.4 C3, it's about time they ramped up the speed. I have nothing bad to say about the C3. I've used them and they've performed better than the specs. This Chrome thingy vid sounds OK on the surface, but is still just onboard graphics. This will take away from system resources. As will the "vinyl" audio.

I said the C3 performed beyond it's specs, but those specs were not that impressive to begin with. For what it is, the C3 is good. As a gaming platform, I have my doubts. For DVD and MP3 playback, sure it will do fine. The C3 was always good at 2D and audio, even with the first 533MHz version.

I'll take everything with a grain a salt until I see some different reviews. Hey Davo or BW, any chances of HH getting one of those to play with. I would love to see a HH review of it.
SS Joe
"though I think the games for this will be worse than Xbox"

lol. Yeah i'll make my judgement when I learn more about it. If XBox is any example, The quality of the systems and it's games have nothing to do with the speed of the system.

Long Live Gamecube
Yeah I see the Gamecube as a great Gaming Console..

I see the Xbox as Barebones COmputer for gaming.. hehe
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The Xbox isn't a computer compared to this...this will be easily converted into a full computer.