Hi Ijust Brought a new MOBO the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe I have some problems which I cant resolve please help.

1. how do I setup Bios system on my hardrive with out deleting my files cause on my old pc I could'nt back up files in hardrive cause old MOBO got fried Ihave two hardrives one empty a samsung 40 GiGs and my second hardrive a western digital caviar 160 GiGs which is half full how do I setup a partial on my second hardrive.

2. when I star power up on my new MOBO the screen says' No device found and Bios not installed. How do I install Bios nad why it say's no device found and in the setup Bios screen all devices are shown.

3. when the Pc starts it say's on the speaker computer now booting from operation system but then on the screen shows
N T L D R is missing (what does this mean and how do I fix this)
and then press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart.
I do this and the same thing happends all over again.

this is my first time building a Pc Tower please help thank U
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1. OK make the 40 gig as your primary hard drive and then put the 160 gig as a slave or secondary drive. You shouldn't lose anything on that hard drive unless you reformat for some reason(don't reformat it lol).

2. My dad has that same mobo and had the same "problem" it still says that but the computer runs perfectly fine, we could never figure out how to get rid of that. But if you have something that isn't showing up, make sure it is plugged in all the way. You don't have to install the BIOS, it's already there. So just ignore that, leave it alone and do a search for a fix on-line at asus' web site.

3. "N T L D R" i'm not exactly sure what that is,but i'm guessing you tried to start you computer with the hard drive you used for your old comp. You can't do that, it doesn't work that way lol. You have to reinstall windows. And you should use that 40 gig for that. It's usually a good idea to put your OS, and all your drivers and stuff like that on one hard drive(the smaller one) and nothing else. And then on the bigger one you would put your picture, movies, games, etc. This way if something happens to the OS or something goes wrong if you ever have to reformat, you wont have to spend all that time backing up files, you can just go ahead and reinstall all that stuff, it's much quicker.

I hope that helped you out. Good luck !