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I just watched a small segment on TechTV (I know it's not that great of a channel...but I just got digital cable - give me a break ) about FreeBSD clusters. I've though about setting up a linux cluster in the past, but figured I had no reason to (and I'm really short on working hard drives).

But now I have 3 weeks to burn until next semester starts

I have a pair of dual Pentium systems, a dual 166mhz and a dual 200mhz (one of the CPUs is actually 233mhz, but the board doesn't support higher). I'd like to throw together a simple linux cluster just to maybe play around on.

My only problem is that though I've had the time (and still do), I've never had the patience to put up with linux for more than a few days and short learning experiences, so I'm sure I don't want to dive into FreeBSD yet.

So does anyone know a site or two that goes through how to setup a simple cluster with linux (I don't care which distro). I might even run F@H on it, though I am partial to SETI. I could even add a dual 400mhz Celeron system, among one or two single CPU systems toward it if anyone wants to donate small hard drives to me
Sounds like you need to go to  and do some research. you have many choices for building a linux cluster. Beowulf, Rocks, PlumpOS, CLIC and OSCAR.

Places to go for more detailed info: 

you can also run nodes diskless from an NFS mounted volume on the master node, but you'll need a bootdisk to do that..