Delbert Grady
I am building a new system (P4 3.0, Asus P4C800) and will be buying corsair memory. I was initially thinking of putting in 1gb of PC3200 CL2.5 as it is reasonably priced. I use my PC mainly for gaming, some digital photo editing (photoshop). I also run Office XP etc. The OS is Win XP pro. I am wondering if I should just buy the more expensive CL2 and use 512mb instead. What do you think?
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No man get the 1gb of 2.5, I dont really see the difference between 2.5 and 2, but a big difference with the 1gb and 512. If you really dont have that much money, you dont need the 1gb just get 512 of the 2.5.
I have 4 sticks of 256MB Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 RAM for sale. I am selling them in pairs or as a bundle. Here is the link. 

I didn't realitlize that my MoBo disables PAT/GAT with all 4 DIMM slots filled. So I had to purchase 2x512MB of the same LV2 RAM. It runs great. Running it at DDR450, CAS 2-2-2-5, at 3.2 volts.
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