I'm very new to linux and I tryed what seems evey thing to fix my screen. I tryed different web site ,forum and search the net. That you guys can maybe help fix this. Spec, Dell laptop 1100, cpu 2.2ghz,Chipset intel 845gl,Video 82845g/gl {brookdale-g} chipset intergrated graphics Device shared syes memory.
I tryed the resolution. I went from 800X600 to 1024X768 and it still stays in the that small box .

MY laptop Problem

Its funny people say that linux is more stable then windows I seen it crash on me. all i did is leave it alone.
I wish I could tell you exactly what the problem is, but I always go to the bf when I have Linux problems (I'm still learning). Anyway, I remember this happening to me once, so I pulled up a site that might fix your problem: 

Have a look at the Screen sizing...... section. Let us know if that helps. If not, maybe someone else has some ideas.
so far no go. At 1 point linux can't find the file that I download from intel. When People say Linux is better then windows from crashs or anything else. There BS. I would go to the bathroom linux crashed reboot time or get a drink crashed.Grrrr
I would like try to learn a different os like linux maybe i should try MAc.