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Hi guys

At the moment, I have 2 80Gb Seagate drives which share one cable on my motherboard, the other cable goes to my DVD and CDRW drives.

The first drive has a 5Gb partition for Windows, 15Gb for Programs, 60Gb for Random Stuff, Downloads etc.

The second drive is just one big 80Gb partition.

I would like to use RAID1 to provide a constant backup of the second drive, and I have just purchased this card to help me to do so: 

I suppose my questions are as follows:

  • Is this a good or bad card? Does anybody have any experience with this card?

  • (and most importantly) - Can I begin my RAID array with one blank disk and one disk full of data? (meaning I only have to purchase one new drive), or do I have to begin with two blank disks (meaning I will have to purchase two new drives, and then copy everything accross from the second drive?

  • Okay, lets say that I have my RAID1 array all set up and working fine. If one of them should break, all my data is fine - right? Cos its all permanantly backed up - yeah? Okay, so if the answer to question 2 is no - and I then wanted to set up RAID again, I would be stuffed cos I no longer have two empty drives!! Correct?

  • And finally, I have heard that RAID1 slows write times, but not read times. I will mainly be using the array for mp3 data (at least 90% I would say), and there will definately not be any programs installed on it. Will I notice any performance problems at all?[/list=1]
    Well thats about it - Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just want to make sure that I do everything the way it should be done!!


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