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I'm building a PC, and picked up an ST Labs Radeon 9200 SE/128 at Fry's for $80. Seems to me I got taken. Should I return this? If so, what would you recommend in/under this price range?

I'm not planning on running extreme, graphics intensive games in the near-term. Mostly want to manage digital media. I'm just looking for a card to get me up, and then will upgrade when the prices drop on the current new tech.

IC7-MAX3 mobo, P4 2.6C/800, 1G Kingston HyperX DDR400 RAM, 120G Maxtor UATA/8M Disk, Sony 510A DVD ... I've managed to keep the entire system (minus LCD) under $950.

Any input on the Video Card would be most appreciated.

You can probably find a 128mb GeForce4 Ti4200, if not, u'll definately find a 64mb version for that price.
A Radeon 9600 SE is about $40 more right?
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I've seen R9700np go for like $80-100. OCed is like a 9700Pro (better then a GF 5700FX or 9600XT) on ebay. Of course buying a vc on ebay is risk enough to deter many people, and the card will be used since production stopped a while ago. A ti4600 would do well on DX8 games, and run DX9 games fast enough in DX8 (since your have a big budget constraint).
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I think I've zeroed in on the price/performance range I can live with for now.

Can any offer an opinion on the differences (pros/cons) between the Prolink GeForce FX 5200, the Albatron GeForce FX 5200 and the Gigabyte Radeon 9200.

All are 128M DDR/400 MHz/250 MHz/8x/VGA,SV,DVI ... and are in the $65-$70 and change range.

Thanks in advance!
Don't get a 5200 non-ultra, a GF 4 MX is faster than them... You're better of getting a Radeon 9100 than a 9200, the 9100 is faster, regardless of only being 4x AGP.

Have you done a search for GF4 Ti4200s? They're getting very cheap now
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The GF4 Ti4200s bottom out at $150.

I'm looking to spend below $70 now with an acceptable card, and then move into a Radeon 9800 all-in-one card for a couple of hundred $ late next year.

I don't plan on doing any graphics-intensive gaming (though I hope to eventually), but will do alot of multimedia management (copying/storing/editing).

The Radeon 9100s are pricier than the 9200s, and I don't see alot of bang (+100 MHz) for the buck ($15).

The EVGA GeForce4 MX440-8X 128MB 8X AGP goes for around $60. Would you recommend this over the Gigabyte Radeon 9200.

I own an fx5200

I may be biast because I have one but I would recommend it for what you are considering.

it is not for games, but with the card you will be getting after whats the big deal?.

but i do use my fx 5200 for games, it plays ut2003 very smooth 60fps+

and it is a good multimedia card, and a budget card.

just my view, but i have seen that the fx 5200 is cheaper than "some" 9100's, i got mine for 59 in uk
64mb MSI Ti4200 $69

128mb Albatron Ti4200 $95

I recomend getting the Albatron, not only becausse it is a 128mb card, but it is based on the Ti4400 and Ti4600 PCB, and it uses BGA ram with heat sinks, so it should overclock MUCH better than the MSI GF4
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Hey JoeyDee,

I really appreciate the feedback. Sounds like you are sold on the Ti4200. I was only looking at 128M cards, and trying to stick in the under $70 price range. I also stuck to newegg. I have to get back in the habit of using pricewatch.

Do you think I'll go bald pulling hair for a year with the perf hit I'll take with a Gigabyte Radeon 9200 for $65 rather than a Ti4200 for $95? ... or would you opt for the 64M Ti4200 for $65? Why?

Remember, I'm not a huge PC gamer (now PS2 EA NCAA Football 2004 is another story).

Thanks again! I appreciate your input.
Well, I recomend a 9100 over a 9200, they're quite a bit faster. Anyways, the performance difference between the GF4 and Radeon 9100 is huge, especially if you play your games with AA and/or AF turned on.

Although it's a bit old, CLICK HERE for HH's review of a 128mb 8500LE versus a GF4 Ti4200. The newer Catalyst drivers have improved AA performance on my 9100 compared to the drivers used in this review, but the no AA score are about the same. An 8500LE and a 9100 are the same cards, but when you compare them, make sure they're the same speed (the PowerColor Radeon 9100 is clocked the higheest as far as I know), the 9200, figure if probably at least 5% slower than a 9100 and the two 8500le's in this review.

The GF4 is the way to go...My 9100 has shown it's age with newer game, therefor I replaced it...the GF4 still probably has a year of life left