I'm looking at making the jump from AMD to Intel. yeah I know..

Any advise me on a board that can take dual P4 processors, I'm looking at fitting 2.8 Ghz.

Any advantages or disadvantages of going for the dual option and do I have 2 have 2 processors fitted all the time? is is possible to run a dual board with a single processor initially.

If not could you recommend a good stable standard P4 board.

Looking at 800 FSB as it looks the thing to go for.

Been a couple of years since i last tinkered, tweeked and clocked so I'm a little out of touch.


There is no such thing as a dual processor MoBo for the P4. Buy a 2.4, the lowest OC is a 3.0 with stock cooling. Good Luck.
hi catburglar, first of all, welcome to the forum :cool:

Like rudy said, you cant run regular P4's in a dual setup.

You would need Xeons for that but they are more expensive, the motherboards for them are more expensive and they dont exist in a "800mhz fsb"-version

You can run a dual-cpu-motherbaord with only one cpu. But not a Xeon motherboard with a regular P4.

If I would buy a P4 based rig today, it would be an abit IC7 with a 2.6C. I would get a zalman cnps7000 heatsink for cooling and try to overclock the cpu to 3.25Ghz (13 x 250mhz). That would even be a fairly modest overclock with a +90% chance to succeed.

I dont think the 2.4C is still available. Intel stopped production since their latest pricecut in September, if i remember correctly.

Anyway, good luck and make sure to join our folding team
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