Ok, here is the deal. I would like to replace my 4X AGP card to an 8X AGP card. My ASUS A7S333 only supports 4X AGP. Will I have a problem running this card at all? I will replace the motherbpard in the near future for one that has 8X AGP on it, but For now I just would like to install the new 8X AGP card on my motherboard which only has a 4X AGP slot.
goblin king
1-3% actual difference between 4x and 8x AGP. There is really no need to upgrade your motherboard. Just get the video card you will be fine.
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Yeah all 8x AGP cards are backwardly compatable with 4x Mobos. Like goblin king said, you won't nottice much of an improvement stepping up to a 8x Mobo with the current generation of cards.
No need to change the mainboard at all ! Keep it for mobey saving ! Upgrade your BIOS and then they will works well with the new cards in the future !!!
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