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I'm having trouble connecting with online multiplayer games because it says that my cd key is invailid, sometimes it works but on most servers it doesnt. I bought the game a few weeks ago with a real CD-KEY. Please help me guys.
SS Joe
I've had the same problem before, when I first started playing halo... It seem to be cleared up when I re-installed the game. I don't know exactly what was causing it though.
The cause of it is probably someone either

A) buying the game, copying the CDs and key then returning the game.


B) opening the game to begin with and getting the key

You may be able to contact Microsoft and have something done about it (I'm not sure though). Most game manufacturers/publishers will send you another game if yours is somehow messed up - such as scratched CDs - as long as you send them the old one and provide proof of purchase.

A temporary solution is to use the no-CD patch you can download from GameCopyWorld or Megagames. The crack disables the CD-key check in multiplayer games by chance also ;p ... the only drawback is that both the client and server have to be cracked for it to work.
SS Joe
"buying the game, copying the CDs and key then returning the game"

If someone did that though, they would have to be in the server at the exact same time that he tryed to connect.

I've heard a few other people having the problem around the same time I had the problem, but that was when the game first came out, and I assumed they fixed it with one of the patches since I havn't run into it since. Though Halo Downloads the newest patch when you connect to the server list so I don't know. Unless you use Gamespy to connect and havn't downloaded the latest patch for it.
single player is good enough for me
multiplayer on halo aint all that imo. ut2003 is 100x more fun. halo's a good game, i just dont see where the hype's at. some people are making it seem like the greates game eve. the greatest game ever was duck hunt!!!!!!!!! believe dat

halo's multiplayer is FANTASTIC!!! however after about an hour it gets boreing. UT2003 ROCKS!!! no doubt about that and 2004 looks SWEET!!! one word...VEHICLES!!!

There are several types of FPS games...

You have games like UT and Quake ... very fast paced - where people jump around and fire their weapons uncontrolably - so basically the most precise person with a mouse is the best.

Those get boring and old, FAST

Halo is slowed down more...but no as slow as other games out (when it gets too slow you spend more time trying to get around than fighting people)

The only thing I hate about Halo, is people who stock up on grenades and chuck them everywhere rather than really fight.
SS Joe
UT is cool and all, but like Tel said, you spend most of your time Jumping and shoot frantically. It''s not that hard but it's to that fun(for me anyways). Halo has the perfect speed in my opinion. I have no problem though with people who use nades. It's Deathmatch, do whatever you can to win. However, I found that using 2 Grenades to the left and to the right of your target, then whipping out your pistol and going for headshots is the easiest way to kill someone.

Out of all the Online FPS games i've played, Enemy Territory probably has the best combination of Speed and Gameplay
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