SS Joe
Wort! Wort! Wort!

Copy the link and paste it into your web browser and view it that way. Why Can't I post Pics in a post anymore using the IMG tag? 
lol i did really bad that match hehe
SS Joe
Yeah Sort of, But that was also the match that you left to change your name, so you lost some of the kills you made during that round.
joe is the server down?
SS Joe
It was (Sorry about that, I try to keep it up 24/7), but now it's back up. I have my 1800+ OC'd to a 1900+ but it's a little unstable so it resets every few days. But Folding and Everything else is fine so I leave it OC'd.

It might be a little laggy if alot of people join, as i'm download right now. But I'll leave my downloading off tomorrow until night time. Gotta get the new Matrix Movie
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