It seems like someone is copying and pasting 3DMARK results from TomsHardware? (they're very biased towards Intel and NVidia...)

The flip-chip 5600 Ultra, IS a good card, but the problem is that you DON'T KNOW if you're gonna get a flip-chip or not when you buy it online or at a store... Hell, the box could say it might have a 400MHz core, but that doesn't mean the thing on the box will be running at that speed...manufacturs do crap like this all the time.

I've probably built 15 or 20 computers this year, probably 3 or four had NVidia video cards, a 5200 Ultra (good card, I have to disagree with HH's 5200Ultra review [first time I've disagreed with thier reviews]), GF4 Ti4200, and 2 5600 Ultra's(they requested NVida cards for some reason...), and I have a 5600 non-ultra for myself (I got it for $100!...).

One 5600 Ultra I used on a certain pc was clocked at 350mhz and only overclocked to about 360MHz without artifacts. This one definately is not a flip-chip version... The other was also clocked at 350MHz, but it overclocked to about 410MHz! I thought it was a flip chip...BUT, I called the manufactur because I was curious, I gave them my serial number and they said it was NOT a flip-chip GPU. Immediately I thought that he didn't have a clue of what he was talking about, so I asked him what the flip-chip version is...and he knew exactly. He also said that his company (Albatron) was then not shipping ANY flip-chip 5600 Ultra's at all, he said shipping would start the following week. The I asked him why one of my 5600 Ultra's overclocked sooo much better than the other...he simply said, "they're all different, normally if the 5600 Ultra shared the SAME EXACT core as a more expensive model, the good core you (me) got would be used on the higher line model, but because we currently do not have such a got lucky". . .

Thats my point... If I were you, I would call the manufactur and ASK them which models feature the flipped chip and which don't...
Joey Dee, are you talking about my scores or something? My scores all came from my own just checking... i dont think your talking about me cause im not using nvidia hardware....but just checking 🙂

nope, not yours

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If it's got 12GB/sec bandwith/800MHz memory then it's a flipchip.
goblin king
Normally it will say right on the box if its a Flip chip these days since, it is a big deal. Also sites will say if it is or not.
How does it's memory speed have anything to do with wether or not it's flip-chip? Board makers can put in deifferent kinds of ram and clock it at whatever they like
goblin king
According to a review I read the Flip chip standards are that the memory is also 50mhz faster.

The core and memory speeds have been raised by 50Mhz each. The original GeForceFX 5600 Ultra spec called for 350Mhz core and 350Mhz memory speeds. With the 50Mhz increase the core now runs at 400Mhz stock and 400Mhz memory (800Mhz DDR). 
My point is that the board makers don't have to obey NVidia specs... I remember seeing a review of one of the Gainward FX5900's, and it's core was UNDERCLOCKED quite a bit, MaxPC also reviewed it and they said it's core was clocked at 300MHz... very odd...

I wouldn't go by the memory speed when determining wether or not its a flip chip, the best thing to do is to call the board maker