i would appreciate if somebody could please help me here.

I have a PC with one hard disk which is paritioned in 3 using partition magic 8. One FAT partition holds bootmagic, and each of the other two has a windows XP pro installation. So, when in say WIN XP 1 i can see only that drive and bootmagic drive and WIN XP 2 drive is hidden. In WIN XP 2 only that drive can be seen and other WIN XP 1 hidden.

Now, i got a new Segate 120Gb hard disk and want to install it as one full partition for extra storage. I setup the bios ok and set it to slave.
Loaded into WIN XP 1. Drive not shown so installed in Disk management and created the parition for it and drive letter. So it installed ok and works.
When load into WIN XP 2 the new drive is not shown. In Disk Managment it shows up as unknown parition and doesnt give me an option to assign a drive letter, only "delete parition". So i did and repartitioned and it was installed and got it working there.

Now, back into WIN XP 1 and the reverse. Here it is now not seen and listed as unknown parition and same as above.

Looked in partition magic. listed as hidden and selected to unhide it and after the computer restarted it still is hidden and hence cant be unhidden.

So, I cant get the drive to work. I want it just as storage and want to access it and its contents in both Windows XP's.

Can someone please help me solve this?