Hello, world!
I have a question to ask:
i have an asus P5A-B MB, amd K6II-450, 256Mb sdram and an adaptec 2940UWPro. I used to keep OS (red hat 9) on IDE and swap partition on an IBM 2Gb UWscsi disk; i added a seagate barracuda 9 ST19171W UWscsi disk and moved there OS, expecting that disk to be a rocket.
Results: it is extremely noisy and slow and i think it doesn't work as it should. Does anybody know if there is any known problem with that HD?
Thanx, wiremaster.
Is the HD you installed older? Its kind of common for older SCSI drives to have issues or problems, perhaps the drive you added is faulty. Try using another drive in it and see if you have the same problems.
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