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I need help! And I don't just mean the kind you can get from a shrink!

I am having problems with my system, that seem to be related to the hard drive... though I'm not sure.

My system consists of:

Athalon 800MHz (running at 800)
ABIT KA-7 Motherboard
128MB 133MHz SDRAM
Voodoo 3500
Monster MX400
Intel PCI/100
IBM 20BM AT/66 7200 Hard drive as 1st master
Generic 6X DVD player as 2nd master

The problem is this: The DVD starts going pyshco and won't read anything.... while it's accessing the drive, the whole computer stops-starts stop-starts....

The DVD drive works fine in my other computer.

The other problem is the hard drive. While it works fine in my other system, it seems that it will start making weird noises and then the whole system will pause...go... pause go...

Anyone have any problems like this?
If it boots then the cables must be right and also the jumpers... Do you have both devices on the same cable/channel? If you do and you don't have any other ide devices i would seperate them. Other than that make sure your bios has them set up may try taking off auto if you have it set and do user defined.

If it doesn't boot you probably have one of the cables backwards or the jumpers set wrong. It will make your drives do funny stuff. Hope this helps!!