Hi there, i just wondered what type of person you would be if in the game devlopment area you Created the weopons & tanks etc and made the skins for them too? also what would you be if you created level and also put the surroundings on it , eg a chicken or market ?

Ive heard many people in the game making area like texture artist and moddler, but these mean nothing to me .

Help me out. Cheers
ok in most high budget games every person has a job or a group of people have one specific job. game development is a very general term uncompassing the jobs you mentioned plus many more. a texture artist is someone who makes the pictures that go on a object i.e. the brick wall. A modeler is someone that would make the "chicken" or other models like say a gun, this job is usually a larger team were as the texture artist is one person or a small group of people.
if you wanna know anything else just say so. I kinda dapple in the game development area.
If you created a level, you would be a designer / mapper .... there are specific jobs for designing levels / maps, and also for constructing them .. this is in addition to the poitions Bob mentions.
so does the texture artist put the pictures on guns and stuff or is that also the moddlers job?
the is usually the texture artist