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I have a weird Problem with the Sapphire Atlantis 9600 256 MB DDR RAM.

System is:

P4 2,4 GHz
Asus P4PE
ADI Microscan G1000 Monitor

OS: Windows XP SP1 (clean installation)

Windows boots and detects the card twice: Multimediacontrollor (VGA) and Multimediacontroller. I tried to install the 3.7 Catalysts as well as the newest Omega Drivers, but it's always the same problem: during driver installation the monitor gets out of sync and when i reboot it goes out of sync as soon as xp loading screen's gone... i can uninstall all ati drivers in safe mode and xp will load again and detect the card again, but as soon as i install the drivers the monitor seems to get some kind of a wrong signal. i tried flashing my bios with the newest firmware and i've also got the latest drivers for my bios installed, i also tried reinstalling xp.

I guess i tried everything the last days, i figured the problem could be the driver sending the monitor a wrong signal (possibly a refresh rate the monitor does not support without a driver or does not support at all). I also was unable to install a driver for the monitor in xp as it doesn't list a monitor in device manager like older windows version used to do.

i am pretty annoyed by all this, i mean it's a video card installation, it shouldn't be a big deal, but this is ridiculous, when i install the driver windows won't load and i can't find the problem.

Can anyone help maybe?