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yeup sooooooooo i just bought my first case and im bout to buy my first motherboard and i dont knwo that much about it so maybe you guys could help

*how do i find the multiplier

*if the frontside bus of a motherboard is 256mz and the processor is 400mz will that work

*are these the same motherboards,if so why are the prices sooo much differnet price wise 

*and if anyone want to let me know about some webiste that ill help me with this itd be great
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Those two motherboard are exactly the same by looking at the MFG number of them both.
SS Joe
I(and most members here) will gladly help you set up your first rig... but we need to know a few details...

1. You going for an AMD or Pentium. Unless you want THE FASTEST computer, AMD is the way to go as you get the best bang for your buck.

2. You building a Game PC, just an internet and E-Mail Machine, Digital Editing Machine, whats it gonna be used for?

3. Whats your Price Range? You can get cheap mobo but it will suck or you can get a decent one and have good stability or you can get a really good one and Overclock your computer. Actually, what are you thinking of spending on the whole PC?

The site I usually buy from is  They usually have really good prices. Sometimes something is a little cheaper somewhere else but i'll glady spend an extra couple of $ for their service and reliability.
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hmmm good point

i plan on using this for gaming and i nmostly use my computer for flash stuff liek that mostly websites and games i plan on under $300 for a motherboard amd im probably going to get a 2500 and then get a better one later price really isnt a big deal if i dont have enough money ill just wait a week or two to get another paycheck but im probably gonna get my processor and motherboard now and put in parts i have lying around and upgrade when i get money if you want to recomend a motherboard that has a good price i can only support a 9-1/2 by 10 motherboard or something like that in my case

A 266MHz Bus won't work with a 400MHz FSB CPU !!!!! ... unless you want to waste most of the performance :eek:

You should look into getting a Radeon 9800 Pro and an Athlon XP2500+, get some Corsair XMS memory / HyperX / OCZ, rated at PC2700 or higher @ CAS2, then you just need to take your pick of the latest batch of Asus mobo's.

Make sure you have a good PSU in your case, and a couple of case fans.

Get a good HSF such as CoolerMaster Aero7Lite or ThermalTake SilentBoost.

Logitech MX700 rules as far as mice go, and I reccomend you complement it with a cordless keyb, preferably natural.

If you get a PATA HDD, then you should go for a HGST 180GXP drive ( as big as you can afford ) and get Rounded cables for it.
It you get a SATA drive, then Maxtor / Seagate get my vote unless you can afford a couple of Raptors.

What kinda monitor you thinking of getting ?

What case did you get ?
the specials on the pc3500 hyperx for a 2500+ amd platform

also, if ur interested in a good socket a (amd) HSF im selling my Alpha 8045u, lemme know if ur interested
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i just got a completly clear acrylic case but now im not happy with it so i havnt decided to sell it or who to sell it to

ive had my eye on this onee 

now but its like damn
unless i sell the one i just bought i wont buy it sooo i dunno

also ive taken a likeing to the soyo motherboards the dragon seris platnom
SS Joe
Here is my computer specs, I think $ for $ I have one of the best systems here... I'm not saying I have the best, but 15,000+ 3dMarks(2001) for a $600 system? Not to shabby I'd say. Anyways...

Abit NF7-S (nForce2) - $123.00
Amd Athlon XP 2500+(Barton) - $94
512MB Corsair XMS PC2700 - $85
Radeon 9500 Pro - $184
Generic Case (400W) - $30
Western Digital SE 80GB w/ 8MB Cache - $75


No doubt you can find some of those parts even cheaper now. I can play games like UT2k3 with 4xAA and 4xAF with no noticeable loss in FPS. I can overclock my CPU to 2.3GHz(Faster than the 3200+) and my FSB to 200MHz with my PC2700(166MHz). My vid card i can get upto 356/306, maybe higher with some ramsinks.

If thats a little much, just get a different mobo, maybe some cheaper ram if you don't want to overclock, maybe a 40-60gb hard drive.
Small Form Factor cases usually come with a motherboard and power supply and they look great too. Just dont expect to OC very well with the stuff they have in there.
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well im really just setting up my mobo and my ram right now i have taken a liking to the soyo dragon seris if anyboady has a review about these or recomend good priced ddr yeup true story
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well im really just setting up my mobo and my ram right now i have taken a liking to the soyo dragon seris if anyboady has a review about these or recomend good priced ddr yeup true story