the PNY geforce 3?
I have been scouring the net and every HW review site I can find for feedback on the PNY Verto Geforce 3 card and haven't turned up even one piddly review. What is up with this? I have found reviews for every other Geforce on the market and they all perform pretty much the same on every benchmark test. The mfr's specs for the PNY Verto show that it has the same nVidia reference board layout as almost all the other Geforce 3 cards and so it should perform the same also. I am leaning towards the PNY Verto because it can be purchased at for only $299 while all the others are $355 and up for the same features. The PNY also has a lifetime replacement guarantee and a 100% satisfaction committment. However, I am hesitant to buy anything without an independant review. Please let me know if you have heard anything good or bad about this card and its manufacturer!
Thanks!! Yer awesome!!

Dave... what are you doing Dave? I feel I am entitled to an explanation Dave.
I could find nothing on this card other than what was posted on the website.
I saw one of these advertised at my local CompUSA here in NY in the Sunday paper. They have a Geforce 2 Pro w/64MB for $249 and the GF3 card for $399.

its should be listed under upgrades.. video cards..

If CompUSA carries it you may just one to visit a local one and find a technically savy salesperson and ask him/her about the card chances are he/she will point you to someone who works in the upgrades department who is currently test driving one. I have had this happen to me on a few visits to CompUSA stores if that helps.

One time I was even invited in back to check it out for myself..
What a coincidence......this is precisely what I wrote about one day later in the "Improving Hot Hardware" category(a category that looks like it gets very few visits based on the dates and numbers of posts in it). Wish I had seen this post before I wrote it and then could have cited it as evidence that I am not alone in my thinking.

well if its got a warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, u cant lose, worth a try.