hey, im a dumbass and tried to flash my two day old FIC 9500pro with Atiflash which of course didn't work, so i tried to reflash using flashrom blindly and that didn't work, and i was getting the triple beep at startup (i assume indicating that the vid card is *****ed) so i've spent hours searching through various sites forums trying to find the remedy, found a link for a bootdisc from someone who had the supposed same prob and ran it, got rid of the beeping on startup but now I have NOTHING!!! I power up the computer and... nothing.... no bios, doesn't read my floppy drive so i cant reflash back to original. Please please please if anyone has a link to a solution or any kind of help i would be eternally gratefull, just got built the comp and got the radeon yesterday!!! what am i to do......????? Thanks a million in advance.
Hey, nice to see another fellow from my state

About your problem well as you stated... you're "****ed" that's why they say... NEVER flash your BIOS unless you know how to do it & um... you said your old 9500 PRO? laddie... the card is barely a few months old

I'm not shure if there is another way to fix a corrupted BIOS but I pretty much doub it...... maybe there is someone here that knows how?
WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! up and running again!!!!!!! new bios all things are looking beautifull 🙂 went out to Compusa and got a Rage pro 8mb pci card slotted it in and i could see again, from i was able to 'see' i realized that the bios was hanging on a checksum error and all that i needed to do was press '1' so bypass it (of course thats v difficult to know when u have no visual) well... used flashrom and kapow!! update success. my core is now at 283 and mem at 297 slow but steady, will give sum 3dmark scores wen i get em. IronPraetorian dont lose faith in your 9500pro even if it is FIC 🙂 it can be remedied.
Happy puppy over here.
Hehe, nice to hear your problem is solved btw you could had downloaded rage3D and overcloked the card with out having to flash the bios