hi --

i'm just wondering how to figure out if my computer has agp 8x support.

i have a sony rx-550

pent 4 1.5ghz
512 mbram
32mb tnt2

also... i am thinking of buying a new card for games such as warcraft iii. does anyone have any recommendations? my friend has a geforce 4 ti and it looks awesmoe, but i'm just wondering if an mx or fx 5200 (i think, the one for about 60-70$) will suffice. Thanks.
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Sorry dude yours has 2x motherboard. I looked it up. And 5200 Ultra should be good for you unless you plan to play HL2 or DOOM 3.
alright thanks. so, a gainward geforce 4 5200 ddr 128mb is good enough for warcraft at 1024x768? cuz i dont really need all that resolution. i've read other posts and all the top cards are very expensive. at 1024x768, the gainward card is good enough right? and could someone tell me if gainward is a good company?

i bought some software from pinnacle, and when the software crashed, i tried calling the company, but they would never respond. does gainward have a good reputation?

and a "2x motherboard" means only a agp 2x or can it run agp 4x? I ask since the gainward card has 4x/8x support.

I really appreciate ur answers.
Shervin2 answers your question about th AGP but if you want any other system info download AIDA32 - Personal System Information and 
U can use a 2x/4x card in a 2x slot .... but almost every 8x AGP card does NOT support the higher voltage used by the older AGP2.0 spec. ( 8x AGP is part of the AGP3.0 specification )

There are many threads in this section discussing AGP3.0 / 8x AGP .... go and search for them if you want further info on such matters.

Your gonna need a new mobo to run new games really well.

With a 2x AGP slot, you need to look into older Radeon cards.
But you would be much better off getting a chepa new mobo and a cheap new graphics card.

I would recomend one of the latest Radeon cards, but with a new mobo it would put you way over budget.

I think you should consider getting a new mobo with onboard GeForce4 or simular and then add a really nice Radeon card at a later date when your buget allows.
Having a P4 I'm not sure which board you should go for .. the choice is a lot easier if you had AMD chip 'cos nForce2's with onboard GF4's are great for budget consumers.
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Abit's NF7-M ha[censored]ard Geforce 4 MX440 and can overlock well.
Crisis Causer
A Radeon 9100 should be fine for your system. It's DirectX 8.1 too, unlike the MX which is 7.1.
It would indeed .. the Radeon 9100 is 2x/4x ( AGP 2.0 )

Shervin : the NF7 is for Athlon XPs !!! ... how on earth is a 1.5GHz P4 gonna work in that ?
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Yeap, a Radeon 8500/LE, 9100 or Ti4200 2/4x AGP will do nicely
Hi ive got a t24200 8x tv-out will it work in a 4x supported motherboard or not i need a reply ASAP as i am going to speak to the guys at the computer shop from where i brought it
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Yes it will work.
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