After listening to many people on these forums, I am going with a Turtle Beach SC for my Sony, but I have one question. I have a 1.2 celeron (crap, i know) with 512 pc133sdr....their site says a recommended 128mb for still shopping around for a better vid card, but will this sound card slow my already slow system down more?
christ i wouldnt bother getting a decent graphics card for that system itll just get bottlenecked (mine did) my ti4400 put out the same frames as my geforce2mx 32meg if not a little bit more with my athlon 1 gig as soon as i upgraded my cpu my frames jumped by about nearly a hundred fps on benchmarks.
A top end sound card with proper drivers would speed up your rig, but lower end cards have potential to slow your rig down.

I suggest U save your money and look into upgrading the core of your rig.

What graphics card U got ? ... it may be worth upgrading.
Example ( from my own previous experience ) :
1Ghz Athlon + R64DDR ViVo = 2888 3DMarks
1GHz Athlon + R9700Pro = 7650 3DMarks
XP2400+ + R64DDR ViVo = 6000 3DMarks
XP2400+ + R9700Pro = 13000 3DMarks
Getting a 9600pro 128DDr 8xAGP...from an Nvidia