To make any advanced programs you guys will need to learn mroe than algebra, you will need to be very strong in calc and differential equations. Both of those will include algebra (its where most people make their mistakes too) so make sure you future programmers learn it well. Heres a lil example of some diff eq. 
SS Joe
ehhhh i'm all set with Major Programming. The only programming I do now is making programs to help with any reptitive tasks I have to do. Right now i'm making a Strategy guide for a Wolfenstein: ET Clan on how to use the mortar. And I only want to take it in school because it's more interesting than other classes and I can already do just about everything they teach in the class, and it will teach me some of the basics I never learned. For my next project, i'm thinking of learning to make a little Chat program, or text messaging program for 2 computers.

And hey, is your CPU really at -34C? :eek:
Making a text messaing program between two computers is pretty easy...

Rememeber WinPopup from Win95? Somthing like that...

Just get some network transport code over TCP/IP and write some sends the ACSII equivalent over the network...


(even though I have no idea how to do it)

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any of you remember Commander Keen? *SIGH* Good times.

Wow, that brings back memories.

I reckon it must have been one of the best written games ever.

Some editions were 400k and contained tonnes of levels with raster graphics throughout !!!! ... and it ran fast even on P90's and 486's etc !!!!!!

For Programming, a strong mathematical foundation is of great benefit.
If you want to be a software engineer, then you would need at least a good grade at A-Level maths ( sorry I don't know foreign equivs ) ... U don't need English, but it would help when writting reports - my weak point !!!!
For general programming, you should have done at least a good maths course at school / college and preferably a Mathematics for Engineers course at a higher level.
Although none of the advanced maths stuff is really needed, the basics certainly are, and when judging complexies and measuring software or doing a complex scientific program, you would really need to know more !!!
im 15 and have been into computers for about 5 years...first computer was a Gateway 2000 Pentium 1 200mhz Windows 95 32mb RAM 2GB i have upgraded the motherboard and cpu for that one to make it 333mhz celeron...i got my main rig for christmas in 2001...and im currently making a P4 2.4ghz computer...soon i will have 3 computers and my brother has 1 computer...but ill prolly sell the oldest one...then just have 3 of them on my LAN