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haha 140, I wish. It was 124 from the one I took on MSN. I could have gotten 130 or maybe more if I didn't suck at math so much. And some of you are probably thinking "How can you program and suck at math?", well with Math, I just gave up in public school because of horrible teachers... and before some of you think "Teachers are fine, you just didn't try", keep in mind that every 1 and 5 kids drops out of public school in my state because of the poor education system... then I went to a private school and for the past 2 years only took practical type math(Balancing Check books, Paying Taxes, stuff like that), none of that algebra crap. I never really took a class on programing so I never got any of the basics down, I just learned what I had to.

I can't even take a programing class in College because of my horrible math grade on the assesment test Got a 104 on the english(They've given me the option to test out of english but I think i'll take it anyways), and a 53 in the Math Section. My Cousin took it and I knew everything on the final test, it sucks, but that will be an easy class next year.

Just about everyone I know Personally thinks i'm "The Best at computers" as one of my friends said, but I don't know, I just don't feel like I know Enough to even be considered Great. Thats why I like it here, lots of people who can teach me stuff, A Pornsite for the Information [censored].

"oh! i remember why i first used a computer...DOOM!!!"

Nice. I was interested since I first typed my name into one of my dads computers at his office... but Wolfenstein 3D is what made me beg my parents every day for one. I remember my cousin brought the shareware disk over and we kept trying to run it without even installing it.
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man super old, 21!!! will be 22 this december.
i dont get why u need math for programing.......why do you think god invented the calculator
A lot of people say the algebra is irrelevant an inpertintant to real-life. But I strongly disagree...

If you're going into programming, especilly object-oriented languages, you'll need to know a lot about variables, and dealing with variables is exactly the same as algebra.

You'll also need Algebra if you're going into any science career or engineering, especilly chemical and civil.

I'm guessing that maybe you pick up Algebra when programming, even without knowing it...

I must admit that from me messing around with Flash 5 and MX ActionScript (that language has got a lot of vars in it) has actually improved my algebra abilities... During a recent maths exam, I compared a problem on the paper as a problem in Flash.

But the real reason why we all need to know algebra is beacause...

"...Sir says we've got a test on it tomorrow"

(Famous last words)
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Yeah you need algebra for Programming. I know some Algebra, the stuff needed for programming, just don't know anything else on it Whats stupid though is you only need very basic algebra skills for that programming class I want to take, but still they won't let me! I Was calling API Functions from DLL's in 7th grade damnit! Stupid School... I guess. I can understand why they have a required math grade to get in, alot of kids never started VB when they were young, but it's a big set back for me.

I just want to do computer repair for a living, and build them for w[censored]ver needs one. Like I said, the guy my folks used to pay $80 an hour, 80! to come and fix crap like computers not connecting to the server, I can do better than him. I want 80 an hour
I gave VB a shot a few years back, I was 13 at the time. But I just gave up because VB was for "the rapid development of simple applications" which is true...

I really wanted to do C++, but I didn't have Windows 2000

Originally posted by HybridHB
man super old, 21!!! will be 22 this december.

i hear what you're saying

any of you remember Commander Keen? *SIGH* Good times.
I always have to remind myself that a lot of gamers these days are american and are just out of college or university

as a result they hype on about MAME, Keen, Battlezone 3D, and various other arcade games...

actually, only this morning, I beat 20 other people in a Q3A game, and I was only in there 10 minutes.

I own...

But I'm still to young to do anything!!!


oh well...
maybe I'll elaborate on that:

too young to watch 18's
too young to get a proper job
too young to get a driving license
too young to get drunk
too young to get porn (legally at least)
too young to have sex
too young to have a night on the town (as if I ever would)
too young to be respected by everyone else in the world (apart from you amazing peeps)
too young to get a special ultra-high interest savings account
too young to invest in shares properly (instead I have to do it through Invesco)
too young for my hand to properly fit my mouse and gaming equipment
too young to stare at a CRT for hours on end (I've been at this one for over 11 hours (almost) non-stop!! everyone says it's bad for my eyes (but I just turn the contrast and SB down)
too young to go to any decent concerts (yer, some young'un peeps were turned down at some KoRn, LB, B182 concerts)
too young to use the can machine in the lower hallway at school (reserved strictly for Yr.11's and 6th Formers)
too young for telephone tech support not to think that I know my stuff

I can put down more, but I'm tried.. and my eyes are bloodshot
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too young to be respected by everyone else in the world (apart from you amazing peeps)

I hear that one.

Another thing is....we are too young to leave home.
And we are still controlled by parents.


or cigs, like I'd want to do that though.
You activly want to:

a) Die young
b) Have yellow teeth
c) Black lungs
d) Have no non-smoking friends
f) Smell terrible... you'll have to spray fabreeze all over you
Basically respect is something that has to be earned. If you're courteous to other people then they will look at you with respect. Things as small as holding the door for people, letting someone merge into traffic, smiling and saying a friendly thank you (as opposed to keeping your head down and saying a quick thanks) or letting someone in front of you in line when you have 50 items and they only have 1 will earn you more respect than having 20" rims, loud car exhaust, a loud stereo, expensive clothes, expensive jewelry (like my Citizen watch )
Ok people I'm 16 i own at practically every subject in school i might not do homework but 100+ grades on tests are quite frequent for me (they are what have kept me passing for 10 years) but my problem is that i didn't have access to a computer at my house until 1998 and I think i know pretty much everything there is to know about windows, but that's not enough for me i want to learn about all the things you guys know like programming and computer repair/engineering, but i don't know where i can learn it are there any books i can read? if so please let me know the names of them so i can study them until my eyes fall out, i want to know everything so bad but i live in such a small town and there is no one to teach me and i don't want to mess with my own computer and break something. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanx