punisher is younger then u i think hes 14 :confused:
Sounds like good times. For the first time in my life i cant wait until school starts so that i can surf and download files on a t3 (dont ask me where they got the money for that). *Sigh* but for now, i can have lunch and take a nap while my pages are loading.

Way to be W3bdevil, you got parents in the computer business or are you just a prodigy child like me, and learned at all on your own?
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So that makes my the yougest youngin here, and Punisher 2nd...How come all the young people are from canada including me and Punisher?
That's a question we would all like to know the answer too.

Darn Canadians... They're like a disease... :rolleyes:

i guess all of the canadian g33ks got it on at the same time...

then a few years down the line, their kids flood our forums.
damn canadians.

I'm not Canadian...

I'm celtic har har

Well, actually Born in England, my dad's Welsh, and my Mum's Irish...

Had a computer since I was 8... Then I realised I didn't need to have a life when my dad got MSN (way back in'96, that was when it was that stand-alone program... before MSN took over Hotmail!!)

Did my first hardware job at 9... putting some RAM in my comp!! 64mb was a lot back in 1997

Second rumour...

No, I don't inherit any computer business...

My dad's a chemical engineer and can type at most at 40wpm... I can do 80wpm, all he knows is "if it works I don't care"

My mum's a physiotherapist, and don't know how to turn a comp on, let alone what an nVidia Based GPU is

I've been unable to find a summer job at all to fund my computer addiction, so I get by with investments and savings... and my shares have fallen dramatically... (yes, I'm only 15, but I have shares... )

My primary source of income is my pocket money and any present money I get from relatives...

my PM is SUPPOSED to be 5 a week, but because my dad hasn't checked it at all, it's still 50p a week!! He' owes me hundreds!

My only constant out-goings is just my webhosting... just 4.50 a month

But I guess I may be a computer prodigy (of sorts)

But technically I'm not supposed to be at these forums...

I've got a DELL!!!!!! That only takes PC800 Rambus!!! nOOOOOO00000oooooooo!!!!!1!1!1111!!
i wouldn't go as far to say that your a computer prodigy... please rethink where you are posting

Originally posted by you_know_it
Way to be W3bdevil, you got parents in the computer business or are you just a prodigy child like me, and learned at all on your own?

I was just commenting on what he said...
i was just pointing out the fact that some kids have to learn everything about computers on their own and their parents dont know jack squat about any thing.
thats what happened in my case...

the main cause of it was because there isn't anything interesting in my town... at the age of 8 you're pretty young to go out alone... all of my friends at the time lived at least 7 blocks away, and having two working parents and a captivating video game called "Flight Simulator for MS-DOS v.5.1" didn't make it any worse....

My computer addiction is comparable to most sexual fetishes...
....Except I don't get off computers...!!!!

(I meant to put that in)
SS Joe
I've been working on computers since I was 7. Learned everything myself... Graphic Design, Basic Programming, Building and Repairing them, How to troubleshoot Windows 3.1-XP. In 7th grade I made over 90% of SaTaN, a Program for Prodigy that had over 200 Features which included an account generator, that created working Credit Card numbers and did the entire Sign-Up Process for you(Just click 1 button and you have a new account for the next month), and also had a feature that used an exploit in the ISP that allowed you to find someones info(Name, City/State and Address), And had another featured that used the same exploit(A buggy ISP it was) that could kick people offline. I'm also better than the guy my parents used to pay $80 an hour to fix the PC's at their office... but i'm no prodigy(though I exploited the hell out of that service), just a kid who found an interest and stuck with it. Alot of my friends could be just as good as me, if only they devoted as much time to it.

*Don't ask me for the CC Generator because the numbers it generates don't work anymore. They're valid number but they don't have a real account behind them in the bank, and with the Credit Card checking process Stores and ISPs used today, it no longer works.
Wow... I wish I was THAT good...

Whats your IQ? Mines a meagre 128-132 (130?)

I reckon yours is at least 140... have you ever considered Mensa?
im 17 and all i know about computers i learned myself, i couldnt tell u when i first began using a computer because i cant remember never being interested in them.

I have a part time job at Topman so i can feed my computer addiction (its realy like a drug lol) plus i get loadsa cool clothes.

god bless u Topman
oh! i remember why i first used a computer...DOOM!!!