I've just put together a low-to-medium load PC (AMD 950, DDR 266, Radeon 8500), and was wondering how hot is too hot for it? See, I've got it and my G4 tower in a cabinet in a desk. I took the door off because that would simply cause problems and also stop the drives from opening if necessary. I'd like to know what to set the heat settings to in the BIOS setup. Last night (while the AC was off), my motherboard got up to 127 degrees fahrenheit and sounded the alarm. Is that really too hot for it, or are my settings too low? My processor averages 125 to 130 deg. while under heavy use. I just don't know how safe to be... Thanks.
try and keep it below/around 50C, sounds like its getting to warm/hot
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Those Thunderbirds were always heat mosters. You need a bit of airflow.
Is there a back and sides also? Not good. You need good airflow around the PC (stick the apple in a pie )

Make sure there is good flow from the rear of the case and good intake, ie; no obstructions. Two towers in an enclosed space is not a good idea. Move one of them outside the cabinete if possible.

If you don't, have at least 2 fans in the case. One intake, one exhaust. 127F is too high
I've gont one on the proc and one one in the PSU, lol. I might get a hole saw and bore like a 5'' hole from where my feet are under the desk to the computer area and install a fan there. The computers have some room behind them, but not can feel the heat back there.
What kind of thermal paste did you use? It makes a big difference.
AS3 (artic siver 3). Get it, It works great.