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"Warning W231 - The IOQD (Host Bus In-Order Queue Depth) is set too low, most likely 1, i.e. no queue. This indicates the depth of the host bus pipelining; thus 1 indicates that no pipelining is to be done on the bus. This reduces the performance of the host bus which is crucial to performance. P6 (Pentium Pro, II, III, Celeron) has an IOQD depth of 8 while the P4 has an IOQD of 12. Most chipsets have an IOQD of 4 or more.
Fix: Check that BIOS settings were not reset or set to Fail-Safe defaults. Reset them to Optimised or Normal settings."

well what was that means, what should i set on my board.

i use p3 600
board : iwill vd 133