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Micro$oft vs. Executive Software International!!!

well...sorta. I've got Diskkeeper Lite on my system (found it on and its one of those optimized defragging programs. a normal windows defrag, can easily take several hours, or a full day even depending on size/defragmentation of drive. and this diskkeeper program is able to do its version of a defrag in about 6 minutes. but theres a bit of a conflict, each program (windows defrag, diskkeeper) says the other doesnt defrag right. after a long arduous windows defrag, diskkeeper in ints analyze mode says its a moderately (meaning very) fragmented drive, and the graphic shows one contiguous block of data with half of it red (fragmented). i run the diskkeeper defrag and it takes all of about 4 minutes to 'fix' the fragments. i then ran the windows defrag again, and it took about another 35minutes to fix the damage diskkeeper did it its once nicely defragged drive. i went back to diskkeeper and the same thing happened again, one contiguous data block with half red.

so basically which program do you think is more accurate and gives a better defrag? i tend to lean towards windows defrag, because it takes longer which leads me to believe its more thorough, but then why is diskkeeper reporting fragments?
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