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Hello, I've been having a strange problem for a little over a week now. I'll be using the computer and all of a sudden it will freeze. After about 10 seconds the screen goes black and comes back up looking like it does when it's in safe mode. There's a message on the screen that says, windows has recovered from a device error and it tells me to restart. I am still able to use it but I always restart because everything is so big. I haven't installed any new hardware or software so I'm not sure what it is. It sometimes does it several times in one hour. It has also worked fine for up to 6 hours and then does it.

I am running XP home edition, abit kt7a, 80 gig hd and 40 gig hd. I have 2 cdrw drives also. I'm not sure what other info to add.

Any help would be appreciated.