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"Game servers, both local and overseas, will be blocked from 10.00pm to 6.00am daily from July 15 to Sept 30, while Internet cafes will also have their hours curbed to those times, Mr Surapong told reporters."

"mandatory player breaks every two hours and identification cards to ensure that players do not make profits from the games"

"Parents and politicians have expressed concern over children as young as seven playing games for long periods of time."

"The minister said the effectiveness of the curfew would be evaluated after Sept 30. Additional measures will be considered if it is not effective."

Wow am I glad to live anywhere but there. If you read the article, it's pretty much because people like to play Ragnarok online. Does this sound a little drastic to anyone else? I mean, so what if young kids are playing games? They're kids! Arn't kids supposed to play games? Personally I find a fast pased FPS more stimulating than checkers. And if a kid is playing to much, shouldn't it be the parents job to tell the kid when enough is enough? Heh, And I thought the American Government was telling us how to live.

To me this seems like a Harsh solution to a Small problem, they don't really want to deal with it on a personal basis so they just set rules in place to shut everyone up... And from what the article said, if people don't shut up it's only going to get worse. I wonder what is the penalty for breaking any of those new laws? Death or just life in Prison? It would be kind of pathetic if they had Jail time or even a big fine, hell, it's pathetic enough already

I never had a bad opinion on Thailand until now Well it's towards the government and those dumb ass parents who don't want to watch and teach their own kid. I feel bad for all the ones being screwed with this.
goblin king
Holy **** that is [censored]ed up big time! I could not imagine not being able to half life death match untill 5 AM or counter strike for 24 hrs straight. But seriously what will gamers do about games like the cossacks, Rise of nations, Warcraft III ECt that can run over the hr time limit. And what about games where you can make $ by playing like project entropia. You would think they have better things to worry about that how long people are gaming find the cure for aids or somthing christ.