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Ladies and Gents,

There are obviously those of you out there with infinitely more computer based knowledge than those of us who still use our PCs as glorified games consoles.

With this in mind (and whilst attending to any inflated egos) is it possible for some one to complete a thread on how to get all the top !""!" graphics on the bottom and sides of the messages that so many of you have.

Any help provided by the few will be appreciated by the masses.
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Do you mean how to get avatars and signitures???

in the top right corner of the Forums... click on "User CP"
in the "Edit Profile" section, you can add a picture, text, or links in your mine for instance is the etsd311 Beach Shot. :cool:

and at the bottom of the "Edit Options" section you can add a 75x75 (i think) pic as your Avatar. let us know if you need help setting this all up. confusing for people who aren't computer friendly.
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