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I am looking at a inspiron 8500 from Dell and among other things I am trying to figure out what is going to be the best display for me.

here is a link to their display details page: 

this little beast will be used for late night offline gaming, and word processing as I am about to pick up a security job for the next couple of months and this is essential to survive there.

Right now I can't figure out which display is better? If I look at the comparison, to me it seems the best deal would be the WSXGA+ because it has 1680 x 1050 and I don't think I would use any higher resolution. Is there any point in going with the WUXGA if you do not use that resolution? The WUXGA seems to be the top of the line display but I would save the $$ if that is the only difference.

Another question would be: Will I have the chance to replace the CPU in that laptop later? I am thinking of getting the P4 M 2.2, but if the later upgrade is not possible than I would go with a faster one.

Ohh an if anyone has a Dell Inspiron 8500.... I would love to hear from you as far as impressions etc...

As always: Thanks for any help!

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