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Hello, I was just wondering how dual p4 Xeons lets say 2.8ghz with a 533mhz fsb compare to a regular 3.0ghz P4 with a 800mhz fsb in regards to gaming, video editing/ format conversions. Thnks!
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Format conversions? It woul'nt be worth the extra outlay for use with games. No way. In fact I doubt the Xeons would perform as well as the P4. SMP set ups are only really usefull in high end workstations (such as CAD and 3D animation) and servers. There should be a decent performance gain with video editing though.
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are their any becnhmarks? (what abour the 3.06 xeons?)
here's a scary thought. Most video editing software including Adobe premiere does not yet take advantage of the second processor. Until they start writing SMP applications there's little use getting a dual processor rig as a workstation.

I think the next release [or perhaps the current one] of Premiere will support SMP on the Mac.
Most highend software will fully utilise dual-CPUs
Games only use single threads these-days though.

Dual Xeons with HyperThreading will P|$$ all over a P4 of equiavlent clock speed ... especially in muti-threaded envoronments such as running webservers etc.

Even if your video-processing process runs in a single thread, there are likely to be other threads hangdling the GUI of the vido editing software and there will be nundreds onf threads belong to the OS ( check Task Manager for current # ) .. if you want to multi-task, then dual CPUs have significant throughput increase and reduce the latencies becausea busy CPU keeps processing and only the second gets interupted etc.

Are the 800FSB Xeons not due ? ... anyway 533FSB is sort of enough for most stuff.