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I know this is the wrong forum but I couldnt really find the right forum to talk about memory so I put it in this one.

Is there much difference between normal memory and Corsair memory and is it worth the extra cash.

I could get 1GB of normal memory for the price of 512MB of Corsair memory. What makes it so much expensive.
SS Joe
For memory questions I think you put it in the motherboard section, atleast thats where one of my mem questions got moved to, though this is a good forum to.

I'm starting to get into learning about memory and as far as I know Corsair is built for the overclocker. Some Corsair(probably the kind your talking about) comes with Heat Spreaders that cool the memory so you can push it to a higher speed. I think it also does a little better then other ram at stock speeds. Another good brand i've heard of is Crucial.

I'm just a newbie myself so don't take my word for any of that.
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Corshair have to be the No1 one memory manufatuer. But as substsndard Joe said crucial is a great brand for non-overclockers. If your not gona O/C, the small performence gains by using the corsair mamory at stock speeds (not O/ced) are woth the extra outlay.