Holy Fuzz
Hi. Whenever I boot up my computer, I get two beeps which, when I look it up in the motherboard manual, mean that I have a "parity error." I googled and found a couple things describing this as some sort of memory error, but don't know any more than that.

Could my memory be bad? Could my timings be wrong (they're set to auto in the bios)? The error doesn't appear to be having any effect on my computer; windows loads fine and everything, but I was wondering if I should do anything about it.

Memory: 2x Corsair 256mb XMS Low Latency
Mobo: P4P800 Delux

Thanks for any help!

- Fuzz
This question should be in Tech Support or simular.

If your memory is bad then Windows is very unlikely to boot ... does you mobo properly support the configuration done by the LL sticks ? .. thats really nice memory you have there.

Double check what those beep codes are .. the system shouldn't boot with any serious errors .. manually set you timings if you want ... tell me what meory e.g. PC3200 / PC3500 and I'll give you specific #'s

What mobo ?
D'oh .... you got an Asus board .... plug in some speakers / head phones and it will speak to you telling you the details of any problem / saying that the system is fine ... if sich featuire is turned off, then enable it in the BIOS .... it is such a useful thing
Holy Fuzz
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize it should be in Tech Support. I looked for a memory forum and when I didn't find one just posted in Off Topic. My mistake.

Anywho, yes two beeps is definately a "Parity Error." The only vocal post message I get is "Computer now booting from operating system," where it proceeds to boot Windows without a hitch.

I am using PC3200. That memory is supposed to use 2-2-2-6-T1, while the "normal" stuff uses 2-3-3-6-T1. I could try using the "normal" settings, but I don't know how those translate into bios settings.