What is the best dual Socket A mobo? I believe the best dual socket A chipset is the AMD 760MPX, please correct me if I'm wrong.
Tyan Thunder K7X Pro (S2469UG)
for example is with the chipset 760 MPX
good mobo too...
I've heard that Epox make a dual socket A mobo, and it's apparently the best because of it's overclocking options.

I don't know of any dual athlon chipset other than the 760mpx?

If anyone knows better, please advise?
There is a 760MP (non-"X"). The newer 760MPX is the superior of the two.

Heavertron, do you know what the name/model of the Epox mobo?
overclocking dual cpu !?!? :confused:

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overclocking dual cpu !?!? :confused:

It's possible. Actually, necessary to use a barton since all dual socket A mobos are 266fsb. When you stick in a barton it will be horribly underclocked unless you OC.

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Depends on how you define a barton core. The MP 2800+ does have 512kb of L2 cache but still runs on the old 266fsb. It's about the end of the road for the Athalon MPs though, since the Opterons are already (kinda) here.

The 2800+ MP is just a 2800+ barton @ 266FSB and OC'ed to make up for the lower FSB. It actually runs at about 2100Mhz clock.

AMD hasn't made a new MP chipset in a year and a half and they aren't going to start now which is why I think I'll abandon my quest for dualies, unless Opterons become really cheap really fast. I don't think I can live with the PC2100 that the 760MPX has.

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Yeah I know the specs on the mp 2800+, but it's still nice to have the enlarged cache I'm 2 or 3 weeks away from getting a large enough bonus to do some upgrading. It seems to me nVidia and AMD promised us that sometime towards the middle to end of June we'd see nForce 3 availability plus 1 way opterons for workstations. I haven't seen either, though the thought of a 1.8 or 2.0ghz Opteron + nForce 3 would really appeal to me at this time.

Just about anything involving Opterons for a affordable price would be appealing IMO. A dual socket Opteron mobo without a AGP slot costs $733CDN here. :eek: Then add $500 per Opteron and you've got yourself one h3ll of an expensive comp.

It's really too bad AMD is phasing out MPs, but I can see why. I would have liked to own a dual 2500+ with a MP mobo capable of DDR333 or higher.