I am new here and I cant seem to find out how to add a picture like everyone else has. Also How do I add my Benchmarks?
To add a pic from at HTML click POST REPLY and the is a small button above the box, marked IMG, Clikc that and put in the address. Or under the Box(message window) there is an Attach Button... Browse for what you want and put it in there
what do you mean by pic?? like under my name how i have a maple leaf and a bottle of molson canadain? or just posting a pic? If just a pic then do what icebane said if for #2 then in the top right corner of the forum you'll see a little thing that says "user cp" click on that then goto the "edit options" tab and at the bottum it will say avatar and then you can upload your image that way.

As for the benchmarks do you want it at the bottum of each post? if so the while your still in the user cp part goto the edit profile tab and there will be something called signature type in there what you want to be at the end of each post.

hope that helps
Good Call Nerts. I though of Avatar, but didn't list it