my video card can have a refresh rate of 60hz 70hz or 75hz... which should i set this to, and is there and downfall to higher refresh rate, and will i even be able to tell a difference?? my monitor is a multisync NEC LCD screen
It all depends on the refresh rate of your monitor...if you have the manual look up its refresh rate and match the VC refresh rate to that. higher=better
Most TFTs only do about 60Hz, though some can take higher .. beware though, on a TFT, response time is a limiting factor, so to reduce potential bluring it may be better to use 60Hz than 75Hz .. 60Hz also means you need to generate less FPS in games to keep them synchronized.

( on a CRT however, the higher the better {recomended minimum would be 85Hz} )
Short and simple:
The refresh rate on a LCD limits the max fps your monitor can display. Higher = better. The only downside to putting your refresh rate too high is, you might get some blurring when something moves really fast (example: scrolling down a web page really fast).

Longer and more complete:
As most people know, with regular CRT monitors, the refresh rate is how many times the monitor is able to refresh the screen completely every second. A lower refresh rate (
On a LCD monitor on the other hand, there is no refresh rate (in the same sense as the CRT). Since the picture your screen displays is always constant. Therefore, the only (main) thing the refresh rate does on a LCD is limit the fps.

You say that your video card supports a refresh rate of 60hz 70hz or 75hz. Does your control panel allow you to set your monitor to these settings? Because if so, chances are (unless your using plug and play), your monitor also supports these settings.

Really ridiculously long and fully complete answer:
Just kidding .