i was talking to my friend, turns out he got a new computer. cool, i thought. its a celeron2 667mhz. really cool, i thought. big ass hard drive and a cd-rw. thats nice, i thought. its a compaq. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i almost had a breakdown right then and there. just the thought of that overclocking potential wasted made me want to ball my eyes out. then i asked him if he was gonna switch out the mobo and overclock it, with a sound of hope in my voice. i finally lost it right here. he replied with, "whats overclocking?". im sorry, i just cant go on with the story..... *cries uncontrollably*

i will never think twice before making fun of canadians.
If I were you I'd advise your friend to return the computer as soon as possible ( if possible ). That comp will be junk in the not too distant future.

Oh and how much did it cost him ( if you say anything over 1000$ "I'll" start to cry.

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sorry to do this, but...$1300

i will never think twice before making fun of canadians.
i like the way he described it to me, as "the one in the commercials where u choose the color of the front." lol

i will never think twice before making fun of canadians.
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, the tv has brain washed your friend, i say you end the being of the lifeless shell which has now attained a compaq. Your friend is gone, have an ounce of mercy and put the body of this tainted beast to rest.
All I can say is......"ouchie!".

That has to hurt. Tell me...have you lectured your friend on the worthlessness of his computer or how unhappy he will be soon or how much of a rip off that computer is.

God the things in store for your friend are frightening ( recounting this from experience mind you ). First thing that will happen will be the usual bugs to work out with technical ( technically stupid ) support. Then all will seem cool for 6 monthes if he's lucky. If he's really lucky his system wont have bugs and it wont bother him for 6 monthes...then the trouble.

Time for the first thing compaq users need more or better of-RAM. I know what you're thinking, Mushkins right? Wrong! Try Compaq brand, joy. The only computer component I've ever payed so much money for and got so little. If the RAM doesnt cause instability, it won't give you even close to the performance of the high or even middle range stuff.

Next comes video cards. These are the most fun. Compaq designs are very fussy about what video card you put in them. The only ( and I do mean only! ) card I could put in my 97/98 compaq was the Voodoo 2, and the damn thing didnt work in SLI mode.

I know what you're thinking. They use parts like any other computer right? Wrong. They use the cheapest parts they can get, with the exception of monitors, CPU's and in some cases speakers. Like I said, the RAM is cheap, and so are the drives. My CD-ROM drive on that thing is so loud and makes alot of noise ( you have to give CD's an extra push into the bay ), the zip drive is now deceased, the floppy wouldnt work in my new computer ( the floppy! ).

And that brings me to another thing that is very annoying. The parts are so picky about what they work with too. This not only makes upgrading a guess and miss process, but also makes any hopes of salvaging parts or rebuilding the damn thing improbable in some case and impossible in others.

I'm not even gonna rip on them for their retarded case designs with PCI/ISA slot boards that are seperate from the motherboard and are mounted on a metal shelf inside the case. This highly customized case is useless for rebuilding ( gee, getting the feeling that Compaq doesnt want you to have any other option other than buying a new compaq? ). ***Opps! I mentioned it!!!

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boy does that suck , compaq is just about the worst one to get too. i dont know if they do it anymore but a year ago my friend bought one and the video output was on the mobo! compaqs do really suck. but i would never buy a computer like that. ALWAYS buy parts to make one so that you have what you need , not like a radio card or a dvd-rom.
yeah my girlfriend just got a compaq and when i heard i tried to get her to return it but it turns out she got a "special deal" with a no return policy. the thing is slow as ****. she paid over $1000 (i don't know how much over) for a k6-2 533. the thing doesn't even have 64 megs of ram. well it kinda does but she can only use 56 of it because 8 goes toward the GOD DAMN SHARED MEMORY INTEGRATED VIDEO CARD. the card sux so much it doesn't even have it's own memory. i showed her my computer that i built for $2000 including shipping and her jaw just dropped. i don't think i can overclock it but what can i do or buy to speed up things(besides a new computer). the thing has an AGP slot(i think). she doesn't play games but just regular windows performance sucks. 533 isn't that bad for running windows so what's slowin this thing down? would a real video card make a huge difference? i really hate the way compaq works. i hope they go to hell for cheating my gf
Not ONLY is it a Celeron (you'd think to overclock), but he bought a Celeron cause he wanted a Celeron!
You know that (for example), MY P3 500 is faster than a Celery II 700mhz!
Saw some benches at FiringSquad.
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My friend just got a new computer too! He said hto me "I just got a new computer" i thought great i said "what is it? "he said a 550Mhz 3D processor" i told him to get at least a Athlon!!!! but no he had a K6-2 550 :lol: he was going on how fast it was and that it was 40Mhz faster than mine So i lent him SOF and it was strulging with it at 640x480x16 so he had to trun a lot of the gfx down, So i showed him how well my computer ran it 1024x768x16 every thing at high & it ran faster than his "& he was deversated right there& then lol

He has a
K6-2 550
128MB ram
18Gig HD
6x DVD slot
Built in Awe 64
& & & *cries* a 16MB (may be 32MB) ATI 128 VR "what the hell is that"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bust's out laughing he paid a grand ($1400)for it lol rotfl and dying!!!!

Celeron 500 @ 510Mhz
192MB ram
10.1Gig HD
SB 128
TNT2 M64

Peace though Power!!
It thrills be so much when arrogant ppl buying computes come home and find out it is crap! Just like your friend Dazz.
Good that you compared it too, that's funny!