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I was wondering if anyone could please let me know the URL of a decent guide on how to upgrade a CPU. My hardware knowledge is limited.

I have an ECS K7S5A with a 1.4 T-Bird and from what I have learned so far I should be able to upgrade to the XP2400 provided I update the BIOS. It's the BIOS update that worries me most as I'm scared I'm gonner mess things up, so I need to learn how to do it properly and be able roll back if it screws up my PC.

I'd appreciate some pointers. Thanks.
from what ive heard if you screw up flashing your BIOS there is no rolling back, you would need a new board.
Do you have money ? If yess I would put the ECS in the garbage, get a Gigabyte 7VAX or 7VAXP if you have neough money and buy a Athlon XP 2100+ or 2400+

But my tru 2 cents is that you should keep this system a little longer to get better. I'm sure what you have can last at least for another 4 months.

Now about BIOS flashing, it's pretty simple, just follow the indications. I'm 14 and I did it, flawless What you will need is a boot disk and another floppy with the new BIOS and flash.exe file.
It helps to have your comp on some kind of backup power supply when you flash it. If the power goes out when your flashing.......... well....... I guess you'll just have to upgrade (read: forced to) if that happens.
gigabyte = can't overclock for ****

Originally posted by RFIRE15
gigabyte = can't overclock for ****

not everybody want oc...
I believe the ECS K7S5A will support only up to Athlon 2100. Make sure you double check that information before buying the 2400.
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Thanks for all the replies.

I want to avoid a new motherboard as I want a 'quick & easy' performance increase by just installing a new CPU & maybe more RAM (I have 512 DDR at the moment). I don't really want to re-install my OS and apps all over again - which I understand I would need to do if I change motherboard. I am running a triple boot set up with ME and 2 x XP Pro and I have quite number of apps installed on all three and I really don't think I would find the time to recreate that lot!! I'll save that task for when I eventually buy a new system and hand mine down to my daughter.
from my 2cents....... a motherboard can be fixed if u fu*k up while flashing the bios... i had my old Abit KT7A flashing and the damn thing froze... i just took everything off and took it to warranty.. they flashed the bios for me... and there i go.. waited for 10mins and went home with a working board and the newest bios..

or you can buy a bios saviour...but you'll have to check for compatability..... 
Wow, some of you are making it like updating the BIOS is lethal. Updating the BIOS is a snap. Also I didn't see on the ECS website a specific speed the Mobo can take. It just says it supports the XP processor. As for the BIOS saviour that is a neat little invention. I didn't even know those were around. Go ahead and update that BIOS q1aqza. Here is a link that tells you how to update the BIOS step by step BIOS update link.  . When you purchase that new XP processor make shure you also get some thermal grease. Just take off your old heatsink. Take out the CPU. Clean the heatsink with some rubbing alchool. Put the new processor in. Apply a very thin almost transparent layer of thermal grease on the CPU core. Put the heatsink on. Try not to shimmy the heatsink around. Push it straight ontop of the CPU and keep it there. Attatch the new heatsink, and presto your done. After you boot up your computer after BIOS update. Slap that old CPU on Ebay and get some money back.

PS make shure that old heatsink is compatible with the XP (if you decide to use your old heatsink), and that it can pull enough heat away from the CPU. Try to get a XP CPU that comes with a new heatsink. Good Luck.
Rudy said it all !
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Thanks for your reply. The guide link and the advice is much appreciated and is exactly what I was after. Now Christmas is out of the way I am going to do some shopping around for the XP.

claspingbeast, thanks for the link. Looks pretty useful.

I'll post back here when I have done it and let you know how I got on. Might give you all something to have a laugh at .
No problem. Make shure you download the right BIOS. I did notice that there was a lot of versions of your mobo. Good Luck.
If you get a Gigabyte mobo it comes with a BIOS update utility that does the whole caboodle for you online......just click Update and it checks your BIOS checks for a new one and then updates all from Windows.