Got back to gaming recently; Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Euro truck sim 2, Dirt Rally
Just purchased Wolfenstein II with the season pass on sale on Steam for half off. Played the demo and enjoyed it enough to spend the 40 bucks. I'm an average skill level at best and have rarely ever gotten all the achievements for games, but got all 50 for New Order and Old blood and hope to get all 50 for this as well. I'm also playing the new DLC for TitanQuest and it's fantastic. Great to see a classic game that's over a decade old get new content in 2017.

A few others I'm playing, but that are temporarily on the back burner till I finish Wolfenstein are: Killer is Dead and Brutal Legend that I got free from Humble store and A Hat in Time which is an outstanding and gorgeous platformer that gives me the opportunity to break out my rarely used Logitech 710 controller.

Last games I completed: The Evil Within 2 and after that, Divinity: Original Sin 2, literally 1 of the best games I've ever played and a true masterpiece!

Playing sea of thieves right now. Might pick up mass effect andromeda. I loved the previous games in the mass effect series.
red dead redemption 2
Currently playing Forza Horizon 4. Loving this game so far
I'm playing Mobile legend and The Magic gathering Arena
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