As a great song said,"Just another brick in the wall." Well, I suppose Microsoft is putting another block in the wall with their recent development of their game, Minecraft. Minecraft, released in 2009, has become wildly popular with people of all ages. This game allows a user to build and create to their heart's content with blocks of a certain material in the game.

Many blocks used to build many different structures in Minecraft.

When you buy this game, you must aggree to the terms and conditions that most, if not all people skip over in any program. Well, approximately 20 months ago, Mojang introduced a new End User License Agreement, or EULA, to the terms of Minecraft. This new EULA brought changes to how multiplayer servers could be run. Before these changes, many people made an empire, and a fortune, off of a server ran by themselves so players could play Minecraft together. The new EULA was brought into effect with changes such as:

  1. 'Sell cosmetic items, except for "Capes", IF the item sold does not give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server - i.e there can be no "pay to win".'

  2. 'Sell positive effects or enhancements (other than "Capes") IF everyone on the server is positively affected in exactly the same way.'

In essence, this means no more "Pay2Win" server structures which many servers rely on to survive. These changes will lead to the death of many servers because of lack of monetary support if servers become EULA compliant. If Mojang finds any server that is non-compliant, they will be blacklisted so that players cannot connect to them. It leaves people scratching their head and with a "Network Unreachable" error.

These developments are sparking both outrage and happiness in the Minecraft community. I am wondering what your opinions are, so let me know below!

Funny, see how is it going now. Microsoft wants Minecraft  to be present on all devices with screens.

It will be just a too big world

Thank you very much, Minecraft is the game that I really love.

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Minecraft for Windows 10 is currently exclusive to Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.
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I play the game and I use the app  for long but never knew all these facts, now I am a fan of Minecraft.
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minecraft java version should sold as windows 10 version.